Streaming Television

No. Plateau Stream is only available over Plateau’s Fiber network. To sign up for Plateau Fiber please visit

Plateau Stream takes our traditional TV lineup and allows you to view that content on an app based solution, Plateau Stream. You can view the content on the device of your choosing with all channels in HD ensuring the best streaming experience in the industry.

Supported Devices
Mobile Phone
  • iPhone (iOS 11+)
  • Android Mobile (5.1+)
  • iPad (iOS 11+)
  • Android Tablet (5.1+)
Streaming Stick
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Fire TV Stick(Gen 2) - OS 5.2+
  • Fire TV(Gen 3) - OS 6.2+
  • Fire TV Stick 4k - OS 6.2+
  • * Roku Sticks are not supported
Streaming Set-Top-Boxes
  • Apple TV (tvOS 11.0+)
  • Apple TV A1625
  • Apple TV 4K A1842
  • Android TV (5.1+)
  • nVidia Shield
  • MiBox
  • Amazon Fire TV (OS 5.1+)
  • Sagemcom DIW387 UHD
  • Kaon KSTB2020
  • * Roku STB's are not supported
Smart TV
  • Android Smart TV's (5.1+)
  • Fire TV Edition TV's
  • * Roku TV's are not supported
  • Chrome (Win 49+, OS X 55+)
  • IE (11+ on Windows 8.1+)
  • Edge (13+)
  • Safari (8+ on Mac OS X 10.11+)
  • Firefox (47+)

Plateau Stream allows a maximum of 10 simultaneous streams per account. Plateau includes the first 2 streams for free. Additional streams can be purchased for $2 per stream per month.

You must be within your home, but you can watch your favorite shows from any device that is capable of downloading the Plateau Stream app!

Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) content is available to you based on the package you subscribe to. Just select Shows or Movies to see the SVoD content available on your current programming package. A la carte purchases of Video on Demand is not available.

Some programmers allow you to watch your missed shows for up to 72 hours after airing. So if you forget to record a specific show and it’s within the 72 hour viewing window, you can scroll back-ward on the guide to the show and watch it. Please note, look back is not available for all channels and is decided upon by the content programmer.

If you missed the beginning of a show, and start over is available on that specific channel, your screen will prompt you with the option to start a show over. Please note, start over is not available on all channels and is decided upon by the content providers.

Yes, with Plateau Stream there is 100 hours of DVR storage Included. If you need more you can purchase another 50 hours for $3 per month or another 100 hours for $6 per month. To purchase more DVR storage, please contact us at 888-638-3872.

Your email address is your username. Go to, enter your username and click forgot password. You will be sent an email to establish a new password. For any further assistance please call us at 888.638.3872

If you are using a Plateau Stream Box, any android streaming device, Apple TV or an Amazon Fire TV, you will need to have an active Gmail account established for login purposes and to download the Plateau Stream app from the Google Play Store.

Yes, your previous recordings will not transfer over to your Plateau Stream account. You will need to manually set up the shows you wish to record on your new account.

If you have your own streaming device, you will need to access the app store for that device in order to download the Plateau Stream App. Once you have downloaded the app and opened it, you will need your username and password to log in. Your username is your email address and an email will be sent to you when you subscribe to Plateau Stream. This email will have a link for you to click to establish your password.