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PlateauTV Frequently Asked Questions

Universal Remote Manual

Will Plateau be offering Pay Per View channels?

We are currently negotiating with vendors for Pay Per View Events and Movies. Please continue to check for updates and information. You can also sign up for email alerts on the latest updates for PlateauTV @

Can I get PlateauTV if I’m not in an area served by Plateau Fiber?

No. PlateauTV is only available over Plateau’s state of the art fiber network.

Can I get PlateauTV without getting Plateau Internet?

You can subscribe to PlateauTV by itself. However, the cost of the TV packages is more expensive if you do not subscribe to Plateau’s Internet. Please call 1-877-PLATEAU and ask for a sales representative to find out further pricing information.

Will PlateauTV service work on my older TV?

Yes. If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port on the back, it should have the video components on the back. We can hook up the service either way. If your TV is only capable of receiving Standard Definition (SD) feeds, we have that type of programming for you as well!

I am only finding SD channels, where are all the HD Channels?

Except for the Local channels, all SD channels are in the double and triple digit channel numbers. The HD feed for these channels, if there is one, can be found in the correlating one thousand channel number range. As an example: the ESPN SD feed can be found on channel 60, while the HD feed for ESPN can be found on channel 1060. Please check the channel lineup for your area at for further review.

I don’t see a certain channel in your channel lineup that I like to watch, can this be added?

We are very conscious of trying to provide a wide variety of programming. While we cannot guarantee we can provide certain channels, we are open to requests. If there are a large number of requests for a channel, we will definitely try to bring that channel into our lineup, if feasible. Please inform our salespeople and/or customer care the certain channel you would like.

I need help with my Plateau TV Remote

If you need help understanding your Plateau TV remote please click here to view the remote user guide.

How much initial DVR storage space will be available on the Whole Home DVR unit?

You will be able to store approximately 400 SD hours or 200 HD hours or a combo of the 2.

How many channels will the DVR be able to record at once?

You will be able to record up to 6 channels at once.

PlateauTV Everywhere Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlateauTV Everywhere?

PlateauTV Everywhere allows you to watch online or app content from many networks at home or on the go, including, ABC, Disney, TBS and more. The list of available content can be found at with more channels being added when available.

Do I need to pay to use PlateauTV Everywhere?

No. PlateauTV Everywhere is available to PlateauTV subscribers at no additional cost.

How do I get PlateauTV Everywhere?

In order to get access to PlateauTV Everywhere you will need to be a PlateauTV subscriber. If you are a subscriber please call, 1-877-PLATEAU (1-877-752-8328) to register for your PlateauTV Everywhere account.

How can I view on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac?

You can view available content online by going to and select the content you would like to view. You can also download the content apps in the iOS App Store and the Google PlayStore.

How do I log in?

To log in to a content site or app, you will use your PlateauTV Everywhere username and password.

How do I sign up for PlateauTV Everywhere?

To gain access to PlateauTV Everywhere go to and click the TV EVERYWHERE button. Click the Register:Manage button, then click Register below the Manage credentials boxes.

It won’t let me register, it is asking for an account number?

If you do not know your account number, please call customer care at 1-877-752-8328, Mon-Fri 7-6; Sat 9-5.

Now it is asking to establish credentials, what email address and password do I use?

Use your personal email address and make a password that you will remember and select the Register button to continue. You will see a new screen requiring you to make a username and password for your ID below. Select the Add/Update button, enter your username and password then select the Update button to save (Allow up to one hour to update before you are able to use).

What content is available and how do I watch it from my PC or Mac?

Go to and select the TV Everywhere button. Here you will see a list of the content currently available. Select the content you would like to watch. You will use your username and password to access the content providers online and app content.

Who do I choose as a provider?

Select the View All TV Providers button and choose Plateau or Plateau Telecommunications from the list of providers. You will use your username and password to access the content providers online and app content.

How do I view on my smartphone or tablet?

Go to the App Store on your iOS device or the Google Play Store on your Android device and download the content providers’ app. You can download the content app from there. You will log into the site using your username and password.

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